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October Minutes


The meetingopened at 7 PM. Present:  Annie Miller,Cliff Oliver, Claudia Blackler, Terry Pendergrass, Chris Ruland, WalterGrom,  Paul Thurston, Jim Nolan, PatIsgro,  Jenny Lyttle, Sandy McReynolds.

FUND RAISING COMMITTEE:  We received a draft of the fund raising letter.  Corrections and suggestions were made.  The board members are asked to come to thenext board meeting at 5:30 PM including dinner and to address letters.  $700.00 was made at Friday dinner…and donated$50.00 to the church.

EVENTS COMMITTEE:  Members attended the LARAC meeting forinformation and the grant application. The theme for this year is Folk Themes. The grant is due Oct. 29th. Possible programs: John Kirk & Trish Miller, Matt Edwards, BobWarren or Ally & Evan.  LARAC prefersa series rather than just one event.  TheLibrary is responsible for 20% of the fee.

Halloween: Terry and Naomi will be at thelibrary from 4-7 PM giving out donuts, cider and books…if anyone else isavailable please come!

BUILDING & GROUNDS: Annie suggested that the job of thiscommittee is to identify problems in the library, both big and small.  Find a person to work on these jobs.  It was suggested we contact the person who isin charge of the house rental to see if she has any suggestions:, and her telephone number is518-307-4453.  Cliff Oliver will callMitch Throop to see if he is still interested in being on this committee alongwith Walter Grom and Sandy McReynolds. It was noted that an immediate problem is mold in the 2ndroom of the Gill Room.

GILL ROOM REPORT: There were tenrequests this past month for research. Sandy gave a presentation of her Hub of Activity slideshow and walkingtour to the Cambridge and Greenwich DAR members.  Members attended the Susan B. Anthony meetingwhere it was decided that a calendar of events from all organizations would bedeveloped. Sandy will present the program for November, 2017 marking thecentennial of the U.S. participation in WW I. The program is scheduled for Nov. 11th2017 at thelibrary.  Total hours 82 hours byvolunteers and staff and 9.5 hours by patrons.

FRIENDS: The last book salemade $182.00. Jenny mentioned that the books that were to be recycled would beleft on the tables in the outer room and any groups could cull through them andtake what they want.

Annie mentioned the Small Libraries Create Smart Spacesgrant.  This program will help with needsof the library and the community.  JimNolan will work with this grant…Annie will check to see if anyone else willwork with him.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler, Secretary


Treasurer’s Report for Jan 1 through September 30, 2016


The attachment summarizes income and expenses for the first three quarters of 2016 in relation to the budget.

  • On the income side: fundraising, donations, and contributions from the Chase Trust are lagging.
  • We’ve exceeded the budget on grants. Congrats to Annie an here staff.
  • Total expenses of $119,299 were less than expected (64%). Maintenance costs including the custodial contract are up. Utility costs are down.


Account balances as of 9/30/2016

Construction Account   126,943
General Operating Account   157,872
GFNB Book Account   6,198
Librarian Debit Account   424
Endowment   158,514


Respectfully submitted this 13th day of July, 2016.


Paul Thurston

Greenwich Library, Treasurer