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June Minutes

WED. JUNE 8, 2016

The meeting opened at 7 PM. Present: Jim Nolan, Annie Miller, Claudia Blackler, Naomi Meyer,Walter Grom, Terry Pendergast and Paul Mays, member of SALS board andlocal Architect.

The minutes were read fromMay meeting with one correction: Date of Paint & Sip June 3rd.

BUILDING COMMITTEE: Construction Grant for this year is due Aug. & Sept. The SALLibrary Board reviews each grant. This year there are fewerapplicants but we are not ready to apply as the
Strategic Planning groupwould like to be further along in their five year plan before theyapply. The grants are for additions, new construction or completerenovations not for any maintenance. Paul will begin puttingtogether the construction proposal plans for the 2015 grant. We wereapproved but have not received the money. The project must beginwith 180 days after the money is received and 3 years to complete theproject. We will use our funds to begin. Paul will contact ourbuilding committee and set up meetings to go forward with the rearbuilding project. They will then report to the full board. Anniewill send Paul the 2015 grant application.
National Grid has still notgiven us any input on gas installation for the library.
A people counter has beenplace in the front and back doors.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Annie hasmet with Kelly Stone who works in public relations. We are lookingto develop a new log (branding) and tag line…not to be too slick.
Relates to our mission and what we provide to the community
To be guided by Strategic Planning input (Jim Nolan and Paul Thurston)

On July 1st 8-9AM the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce will meet in the library. Anniewill give a presentation about the library at this meeting.

EVENTS COMMITTEE: Paintand Sip was a big success…24 attendees. Easels were purchase andpaint will need to be restocked. Dave Wever will provide his antiquetractor and trailer for the Whipple City Parade. The Little Learnersgroup will dress up as their favorite fairy tale character and freebooks will be given out during the parade. Annie has done a seriesof school visits for the Summer Reading Program which will begin June27th. July 17th, Sunday evening Hubbard Hall will presentOthello in the park…we might do a program before the presentation.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: Naomi would like the list of people the fund raising letter was sentto. A letter will be sent during the summer.

Submitted by Claudia Blackler